The Importance of a Geek Mentor.

Team Hellions


Recently I’ve been thinking about when to introduce my son to certain required works in geek culture.  Which of course brings up a debate on what is required and also how many omissions I have from my own cred.  At some point in the future I may do a geek confessions and perhaps shame will motivate me to remedy some of them.  In the meantime I plan how to bring my son into this four color world.

His four year old cousin comes over a few days during the week to be babysat.  At four he is still a baby but growing into a child every day.  Video games are still too hard but he has mastered Netflix.  I have begun to experiment by showing him some geeky movies and TV shows and learning what to do with my boy based on his reactions.  For example, Hulk is not Hulk…

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