TableTop DIY Card Holders

Just thought I would share this DIY TableTop card holders and other things with you. I’m thinking about making more and have started making a few that I NEED to finish.

Home of the Nerdy Viking

So in the beginning of December my girlfriend started making a Tardis Christmas tree topper. While looking up ideas and patterns I found a DIY video by Paul the DIY Guy on how to build a card holder. He also has a lot of other cool ideas and you should check him out.

So after watching the video I thought Id give it a try and build one. Even tho I’ve never built anything like this before. After the video I used the measurements he gave and followed the instructions. But I found that some of the numbers were off  and had to make some quick fixes now that everything was put together.


These took a few days to do, maybe a little bit longer because I’ve never done this before haha. But once it was all done it could fit any Magic The Gathering card, even big enough to…

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