Destiny: The Taken King


So in between WoW, Skyrim, Diablo III and a little CoD. I play this little game called Destiny. There is a new expansion coming out called The Taken King and it looks amazing! I did read that they were taking Peter Dinklage off as the ghost companion and putting Nolan North on. Personally I love Peter as the ghost and saw no problem with him.. What is funny now! I found an interview about some of the game changes and this was said:

Polygon published this video comparing dozens of Ghost’s lines delivered by Dinklage and North, courtesy of the massive prep patch delivered to Destiny players yesterday. I wasn’t prepared to ever admit this, but I prefer good ole’ Dinklebot. By a significant margin.

HAHA oops! Anywho, I was going to post about whats new in the The Taken King:



To battle back the Darkness and the Taken army, players will get brand new subclasses with new supers. Warlocks will now harness the power of an electric storm, Hunters will carve a bow formed from gravitational void energy, and Titans will summon a flaming hammer that can sear their adversaries from a range or deliver a devastating melee impact.


A massive Hive Dreadnaught ship looms in the rings of Saturn. Oryx, The Taken King has arrived in our solar system, bringing with him a corrupted army to exact revenge on the Guardians who destroyed his son Crota, and to consume our worlds. Arm yourself with newfound abilities, weapons, and gear. Defeat the Taken hordes. Make your way aboard the Dreadnaught, and face Oryx himself within his inner sanctum.


Adventure through new Strikes featuring powerful bosses, follow more questlines that lead to powerful, new gear and brave the next major Raid to test six-player Fireteams.

Continue leveling in Destiny and fill your arsenal with brand new weapons and armor. Find and collect new, powerful Exotics.


I guess there is a legendary edition that includes:

  • The Taken King
  • Destiny
  • Expansion I: The Dark Below
  • Expansion II: House of Wolves

Personally I can’t wait till the game comes out and get the fireteam together 🙂 I just hope they figure out the Dinklage/North problem out soon. Because I rather like Dinklage as the ghost.

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