Star Trek Book Challenge 6: Into the Nebula (Star Trek: The Next Generation #36)

So for this Star Trek book challenge I read Into the Nebula (Star Trek: The Next Generation #36) By Gene DeWeese.

216903Not a bad little exploration and story about dual universes. I rather enjoy Gene DeWeese and his old fashioned sci-fi elements and story tells in this novel. Lots of potential for a second story, **Spoilers**regarding the sleeper ship that left the planet and caught the Enterprises attention**Spoilers**. Good characters and regard for mythology, the only real complaint is the quick and tidy resolution. The Story is heavy with the use of Data, he is the main focus point in the book. I’m guessing it’s rather easy to write out Data as growing through out the story.

Over all the book is easy to read and fast. Maybe a little to fast…. Check it out if you have some time to kill. The plot out line goes as follows:

While exploring an unknown region of space, the U.S.S. “Enterprise” TM encounters a strange nebular dust. Upon further investigation, they discover a planet called Krantin on which the plant and animal life, as well as the civilization are dying. A series of explosions and a ship that simply disappears into thin air lead the crew to believe another group is causing the devastation of the planet. The leader of the planet’s society, however, is wary of trusting the starship “Enterprise” crewmembers, and has the away team arrested. With time running out, Data must find a way to save his crewmates or watch as two worlds are destroyed.

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