Star Trek Book Challenge 8: The Romulan Stratagem (Star Trek: The Next Generation #35)

216901NUMBER 8! The Romulan Stratagem….. Not a BAD book to say. It does has it’s short comings… Okay it more than I would like to admit.. But I did give it 4 stars on Goodreads. Why? Because it tired up the backstories and gaps that were dealing with Sela. The author over all did a good job at making sure this book felt and fit into the TNG series. BUT! At the same time it was rather lackluster in action and plot. The idea was there, sadly the idea has been done before. Over and over again. But the one good thing it does, it fills in the gaps of past stories and episodes. If you find yourself with a couple of hours to kill.. Check out this book and move along hahaha. I think the other reason why I gave it four stars, I really wanted to like this book… I might change it later the more I think about it.

Anywho!! The overall plot summery is:

On a mission to an unexplored planet near the Klingon/Romulan border, the U.S.S. Enterprise travels to the planet Eloh to negotiate Federation membership. But upon arrival, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his diplomatic team find themselves face to face with Commander Sela, an old Romulan enemy–who’s there to convince the Elohsians to join the Romulan empire.

When a series of fatal incidents casts suspicion on both delegations, Data must form an uneasy alliance with Sela to prove the innocence of the Starship Enterprise crew–or lose a strategic stronghold to the Federation’s greatest enemy.


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