Conversation With A 8 Year Old

Me: Lilly what are you doing?
Lilly: I’m having My Little Pony-ville attack Hello Kitty-ville.
Me: ?Oh?
Lilly: Yeah! The Pony’s didn’t like the way they were acting.
Me: ………. Oh…..?
Lilly: Plus the Hello Kitties have the purple egg of POWER! *has she lifts the egg into the air. *
Me: Oh my… Well I’m going to check on your brother.
Lilly: Okay!
Walk around the corner where Jackson is…. So at this point Jax was suppose to be getting ready for a shower. But as I walk into the bathroom… All I see is feet in air and his head sticking out of the toilet. I guess someone forgot to put the lid down and he went to sit down to get undressed. Instead he fell in and got stuck.
So one kid is have a Hello Kitty & My Little Pony civil war and the other is playing a really bad version of Super Mario Bros….
I’m done for the day.

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