My Married Nerdy Life Of Mine Part 2


On October 31, 2015

I got to marry my best friend, my gaming buddy, my companion. Someone who as seen me at my lowest point in my life and still stuck by me. Someone who as walked with me in the darkness and never thought once of running. Someone who as cheered & celebrate the highest points, only to push me forward and higher than before. Someone who supported me, no matter how nerdy the event and/or idea was :). Someone who makes life worth living. I get to annoy this one person for the for the rest of my life. HEHEHE!
Carly Vore (Now Roberts)! This past October was super busy/crazy, in a good way for course. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Or relaxed for that matter. Well, maybe relaxed isn’t the right word for it. Open I think would be a better word. I’m a nerd, Fanboy, gamer, Whovian, trekkkie and a massive science geek. And I don’t have to hide that from her or worry about being judged. She is just as big of a geek as I am and I think that’s why we get along so well.

There are a lot of things that have happened in my past that I haven’t written or talked about. Some for good reason, mostly because they are personal as well. But with this new life event, it feels like I can close the book on that part of my life, move on.. Start a new book, a new adventure if you will. I feel beyond happy with everything. Feel inspired to make things like paint, drawing, things I haven’t done in years! I’m actually thinking about writing a book about some of my life stories.
It’s odd to have this feeling of support from another person or have someone give a helping hand on a project. I’ve never had that before. Never really had that before… Between the podcasts, Blog, Comic-Con and gaming. Carly was always there :). Even before we were dating….
What’s odd is the people who are in my life now. People who care, people I can hang out with for hours on end or talk with for hours. I have friends who live 100s to 1000s of miles away and we talk on a daily basis. I never thought I would have that. Haveing friends who check in on you or you find yourself wanting to do things for. Like clean up their house or cut down a chunk of the blackberry bushes. Not because they asked you to or you think you might get something in return. But because they are like family and you help your family. Beside, you can make funny memories/stories that way haha. But what I’m getting at is… I feel happy with the people around me. I don’t feel like I have to walk on “egg shells”. I’ve never felt like this before.

I really think a lot of it happened and came from Carly. With who she is as a person and the support she gives me. I don’t have that nervousness as much anymore. I able to come up with new ideas, make new projects. Live life and be who I am. I love you Carly Roberts and I’m beyond happy you came into my life :).

Virtutis gloria merces (Glory is the reward of valour) A family motto

152787520I’ll post more pictures later on. Right now it’s going on 2am and I’m fixing Carly’s computer at the moment. That and there is a lot of pictures to go through and I’m just to tired to post/upload them all. Plus there is a lot of cool DIY projects both Carly and I did for the wedding so far. There is a second part to this wedding and that is coming in June 2016.

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