Accident Prone Kids and “Goose Egg” on Head

Winter is coming!!
Wrote this a long time ago. Mostly do my lack of knowledge on how to treat “goose eggs”. So after talking with Doctors and research online, I put all this together in hopes to help all parents alike, and to help anyone who had the same problem I did when my oldest dove under the coffee table. Well she didn’t make it all that way as you can see.
But with winter almost here and things icing up. I figured I would share this again and hope this helps anyone with questions on what to do.
P.S. If you have anymore questions or need some parenting tips. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Home of the Nerdy Viking

First Aid

So the other night my little Hobbits were running around and dancing to music. For reason that still has me bewilderment, my oldest  thought it was a good idea to go under the coffee table… Yeah you can kinda see where this is going haha. So I go into my room thinking I might read or maybe get some WoW time in. Then I hear this crashing noise. Then the screaming/crying… Every parent know this sound haha. So as I go down the little hallway I have, Lilly meets me half way holding her head crying and this is what I see.


I mean this “Goose Egg” as they call it. Was about the size of a silver dollar, maybe a little bit bigger. I felt so bad for her, still do. It has gone down some over night.. But it looks like she got into a bar fight and…

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