2015-11-15 12.09.05So with end of the year coming around rather soon. I’ve kinda stepped up the Star Trek book Challenge from once a week to at least 3 times a week. Reason being, just to take a big chuck out before 2016. So far there is been a few winners in series. But there are some poorly written novels through out this whole thing.. That is way it’s been a challenge, there have been a few times where I just wanted to put the book down and walk away. Or at least start up a new one and up the other one off for a bit. I’ll see what I’m talking about as the posts come around. So I have around 20 of the 88 Star Trek novels done. You can check out what I have posted here (https://nerdylifeofmine.com/category/star-trek-book-challenge/). There is a REAL dog of a book coming up, that just blow my mind. It was so bad!! I couldn’t believe it was written by one of my favorite authors. I kept thinking that this wasn’t the same person, this can’t be the same person. Nope… It was.. Must have been a “pay check” book.. That’s all I can come up with really as to why this book was down right rotten. ANYWHO!!

Now for Podcasting! We missed October do to some time traveling mathematical issues. We are currently working quickly to fix this and hope get everyone back! Please check out our show at (http://eclecticmayhem.libsyn.com/). I’m also working on a the long awaited TableTop EPS. Was trying to do one part with the normal EM Crew and one with some close friends. I’ll post some updates as it’s going closer.