Star Trek Book Challenge 12: Sins of Commission (Star Trek: The Next Generation #29)

So for the this Star Trek Book Challenge, I read Sins of Commission (Star Trek: The Next Generation #29) by Susan Wright…

216877So this novel is based somewhere after the episode ‘Cost of Living’ and offers character exploration at it’s best by putting the characters under telepathic influence, making it possible for the deepest aspects of their psyche to surface. Sins of Commission over all is a good book/installment to the Star Trek universe and does a good job at exploring many of the main characters of TNG and does so with insight and confidence. The plot though, while intriguing, isn’t quite as good as it might have been. This seems to be a problem with most of the Star Trek novels that I reading… Yet I really don’t understand it, you’d think someone where have caught most of the mistakes. Kinda your job there.. Anywho.. 

While on a mission to save the planet Lessenar from environmental collapse, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise becomes entangled in a web of treachery and murder.

When a member of a strange, emotion-casting race is killed on board the ship, all evidence points to Lieutenant Worf and one of his oldest friends.

Soon the crew of the Starship Enterprise is crippled by an emotional onslaught as the surviving aliens respond in anger and pain to the death of their comrade.

Worf must overcome this alien influence and find the true killer with the destruction of the Starship Enterprise, the survival of Lessenar, and his Klingon honor hanging in the balance.

It’s a good book and story is good. FAR better than that Nightshade I posted about last week.. God what a pile that was.. But if you have the chance to pick up a copy of Sin of Commission, I say give it a pick it up and make it so! 😉

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