Wait What?

Ever just have one of those days, where you wake up and nothing is going right? Like the first 10 minutes of me waking up is me hitting my toes on the dresser.. Tripping over the cat and spilling my coffee. Plus it doesn’t help that I woke up discombobulated and trying to figure out if this is reality or still my dream. That and waking up in the “I’m late!” PANIC mode, even tho I’m not. Isn’t helping my cause.
Now I’m sitting writing this and wondering if I’m getting a head cold or am I having sinus issues……
Well off to work I go!!

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About Jason Bucky Roberts

Being a product/child of the 80’s, Jason Bucky Roberts was born in California. Being raised on Saturday morning cartoons, watching the rise of gaming consoles and taking part in the never ending war between Apple and PC. Jason as become a mild-mannered blogger & super nerd. Fighting a never-ending battle for fandom, cosplayers, & the Ameri-CON way! Typical social media evangelist. Avid gamer. Professional zombie specialist and a devoted reader. Jason’s current Twitter handle is Jason Bucky Roberts ‏@iRoberts3

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