Star Trek Book Challenge 13: Balance of Power (Star Trek: The Next Generation #33)

216895Balance of Power (Star Trek: The Next Generation #33) by Dafydd ab Hugh….  I’m not to sure if I really like this one. I mean it was a good story. But disappointing. Lackluster…  Although it contains much humor, and captures most of the TNG crew very well. It does a number of key elements like the Ferengi pirate plot, which I found to be rather underwhelming. Also Wesley Crusher! Apart from a few stabs at what he would become by the end of the series.

When a famous Federation scientist dies, his son puts his inventions up for sale to the highest bidder, be they Federation, Klingon, Romulan, or Cardassian. Among the items at auction is a photon pulse canon capable of punching through a starship’s shields with a single shot. Meanwhile, Wesley Crusher is kidnapped from the Academy by renegade Ferengi who have set their sights on the photon canon as well, and Captain Picard must outmaneuver enemies on every side to save Wesley and protect the Enterprise from the deadly fire of the new canon.

Dafydd ab Hugh has Wesley all wrong. Wesley was never the wanna-be-swot he appears to be in this novel. He was all-Starfleet-wunderkid… Then he was completely disillusioned. He wasn’t the crafty, shifty, highly-strung cadet I read about in this novel. The whole story was just there… Didn’t give an history, build on any crew from TNG. Didn’t even try to introduces a new element. It was a filler novel.. So someone did it for the money..

I say skip this book. There are some many other ones out there and FAR, FAR better.

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