Star Trek Book Challenge 14: Possession (Star Trek: The Next Generation #40)

So I kinda kick the book challenge a little this week. Normally I make a post once a week about this. But I happen to knock out a few of them rather quickly and I figured while they are still fresh in my mind I’d post them. 🙂 That and I want to see if I can finish all of these books before the year ends…. But I don’t that will happen, it’s worth a shot tho!!

217502SO! Possession (Star Trek: The Next Generation #40)…. Yeah! BY J.M. Dillard & Kathleen O’Malley. Okay let me say this. When you find yourself reading a “team up” novel, it never really turns out well. Specially in the Star Trek universe and SPECIALLY when it’s two writers you have never heard of.. I thought about skipping this book and putting ti off till the end.

Eighty years ago, bodiless entities brought a plague of violence and bloodshed to the planet Vulcan. The nightmare ended only when the entities were trapped inside special containers. Now, on the eve of a galaxy-scale scientific exposition, the containers have been opened, freeing the malevolent entities to possess the minds and bodies of all they encounter, including the crew of the “Starship Enterprise”(TM) . Friends turn into foes, and no one can be trusted as Captain Picard faces a deadly and insidious threat. Unless the entities can be stopped once more, they will spread their madness throughout the entire federation.

But I’m glad I didn’t. The over all story was good and it deals with a foreign invader that the sensors cannot detect. But is does have some mistakes in it (I think it’s just how Star Trek rolls.. Seems like every book has the same problem.) Having said that, it was still a great book, it does reminded me a few different episodes of TNG where similar events occurred. The authors did a great job at capturing the characters likeness. I would have liked to see a better closure to Worf’s new friend.

So in the end I recommend this book to any Trekkie out there.


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