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December 2015

As You Wish



That day, Vader was amazed to discover that when Boba was saying “As you wish”, what he meant was “I love you.”
This cracks me up everytime!


Star Trek Book Challenge 27.5: Best Destiny (Star Trek: The Original Series)

“I was too busy finding out I wasn’t perfect.” – by James T. Kirk ( page 74 )

872275So while reading Star Trek Book Challenge 24: Star Trek: Final Frontier. A fellow reader mathias42 brought up a follow up book called Best Destiny also by Diane Carey. I found a copy of the book online and gave it a read. The story line goes as follows:

As James T. Kirk prepares to retire from a long and illustrious Starfleet career, events in a distant part of the Federation draw him back to a part of the galaxy he had last visited as a young man, a mysterious world called Faramond whose name takes Kirk on a journey back to his youth. At sixteen, Kirk is troubled, estranged from his father, and has a bleak future. However, a trip into space with Kirk’s father George and Starfleet legend Captain Robert April changes James Kirk’s life forever, when a simple voyage becomes a deadly trap. Soon Kirk and his father find themselves fighting for their lives against a vicious and powerful enemy.

Before the voyage ends, father and son will face life and death together, and James T. Kirk will get a glimpse of the future and his own best destiny.

Now this is a sequel to the novel Star Trek: Final Frontier, so if you haven’t read that book yet. Stop reading this post now :). Also if you follow the time line these books happen after the movie Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country. Anywho! I rather enjoyed the story and it brought in more background history for James T. Kirk and it’s always nice to see the original crew back in action. Carey deftly handles the adventures of a teenage Kirk and the seasoned old captain after The Undiscovered Country. In between the tension and adventure, Carey weaves a character study that examines some of the earliest events that made him into the legendary hero he ultimately became, as well as the tumultuous relationship with his father they’ll be quite familiar to many.

If you get a changes read these books and watch Undiscovered Country! Thank you mathias42 over at for bring up this book.

Star Trek Book Challenge 28: The Siege (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #2)

76893The Siege (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #2) by Peter David. So here we are with our Second go around with a Deep Space Nine book! The last book didn’t go over to well last time (Star Trek Book Challenge 16: Betrayal (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #6)) Sadly this novel is a victim of it’s time… This book came out when the show was first starting up and there really wasn’t  much to work on. The story line for this novel is rather interesting to say the least:

Deep Space NineTM is forced to curtail entry to the wormhole due to increased graviton emissions, and an air of biting tension settles over the station. This anxiety leads to the murder of an Edeman religious leader, Commander Benjamin Sisko and Security Chief Odo realize they face a larger problem.

Soon Sisko and Odo have more lifeless bodies on their hands and a killer who strikes without motive. Then, both the Edemans and Cardassians arrive threatening to destroy the station unless the murderer is given to them for retribution. In order to save Deep Space Nine and stop the killing, Odo must try to destroy a powerful assassin who is the only link to his mysterious past.

The characters for the book were a little over done. By that I mean, every time they came into the story they introduced and given a full history. I don’t know if this was because the show wasn’t on for vary long at this point? Plus there are a number of random scenes that happen through out the book at doesn’t make sense or doesn’t help the plot line for the book out. Like the random page of the Borg showing up to only be destroyed by the wormhole… There is a a lot of action and humor in this book to make up for some of it’s short comings.. Some! Not all, sadly… Again this book was written in the first season of the show, so I think the lack of knowledge and bad timing to start up a book series shows with this story. I would skip this book, there are better ones out there.


Star Trek Book Challenge 27: Requiem (Star Trek: The Next Generation #32)

216892So for this challenge! We are reading Requiem (Star Trek: The Next Generation #32) by Micheal Jan Friedman & Kevin Ryan. The story line for this novel is rather enjoyable and easy to read.

Twenty-five years ago, Captain Jean-Luc Picard conducted breakthrough negotiations with an aggressive race called the Gorn. On the anniversary of that achievement, Captain Picard and the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM are headed for the Gorn Homeworld to continue that important work. When the ship stops to investigate a mysterious alien artifact, Captain Picard is suddenly hurled through time and space. Just as Commander Riker and the “Starship Enterprise” crew begin an impossible search for their captain, the Gorn summit goes terribly wrong.

As war looms over the galaxy and Picard is desperately needed on the Gorn Homeworld, the captain finds himself stranded in the past on a planet called Cestus III at a crucial turning point in Federation history. Caught in a deadly situation that challenges Picard’s most cherished beliefs, he must weigh the fate of a world against the future of the entire Federation.

They did a good at capturing what each character’s mannerisms as well as behavior. The time travel was nicely done, also the back history for the enterprise as a whole.  There were some points where things dragged on a bit, but I have now real issues with the book. Beside it has the Gorn in the book! If you find yourself with some time to kill, check out this book.

Deadpool | Red Band Trailer 2 [HD]

Merry Christmas!!!!





Never Forget Him!



So This Happened



Star Trek Book Challenge 26: Foreign Foes (Star Trek: The Next Generation #31)

Foreign Foes (Star Trek: The Next Generation #31) by Dave Galanter, Greg Brodeur….

216889So you have Klingons, people who hate everything about Klingons mix in a peace conference and then add a odd planet. Adjust for Data weird and carry the strange healing grain and you have this book…(Notice the math joke there?) The story line or the base for the this book has been done before sadly.

The Hidran race and the Klingon Empire have been at each other’s throats for seventy years, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard has been asked to do the near-impossible: take the “U.S.S. Enterprise(TM) to the planet Velex to mediate a treaty that will end the conflict between these two aggressive species. Things get off to a rocky start — then turn deadly as the Hidran ambassador mysteriously dies, and kills a Klingon delegate as a last act of vengence. When Lt.Worf is charged with the ambassador’s assassination, and Commander Riker and Counselor Troi are trapped far below the surface of the planet, Captain Picard must not only act to save the Hidranas and Klingons from each other, but to save his Klingon officer from a hideous death sentence..

There are so many thing going on in this book it’s hard to keep track. I mean you have your fan favorites like Worf, Data, Geordi and Picard. I mean the interaction between Geordi and Data I like and found funny at times. But the whole book was back and forth to much. It is fast paced & dramatic, but the story is just average at best.. It’s a good way to kill sometime if need.. but I can think of some better books to do that with.

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