Star Trek Book Challenge 20: How Much for Just the Planet? (Star Trek: The Original Series #36)

268442So this was an odd book from beginning to end haha. It’s like the whole book is a joke. I kid you not! Federation, as represented by the Enterprise, and the Klingons arguing over a planet with vast dilithium reserves. What is only hinted at is that it’s also an intricately plotted but farcical comedy of errors, complete with Gilbert & Sullivan parodies. Plus there is a inflatable rubber starship that is in the book.

On the planet Direidi, a fortune in Dilithium crystals has been found. The contest for the crystals lies between the Enterprise and the Klingons – a contest that propels Captain Kirk and his crew into their strangest adventure yet.

So that kinda gives you an idea on how the book is going to be haha. It’s different and and it seems to upset a lot of fans. Because it’s not a true Star Trek book or they find the Klingons to be to silly. Kinda the point of the book really. It’s all one big joke. So I don’t recommend this book to Star Trek fans who insist on accuracy and serious science or who don’t appreciate lighthearted dramatics, cultural references, and this type of comedy.

The only problem with this book that I could find was small mistakes or words left out. Again that’s vary small and can be easily over looked.

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