The New Game Night

indexThere is always something new coming out or a different activity to try, but often the classics are the best. While it’s fun to hit the clubs or go shoot a little stick on an evening out, pretty much everyone enjoys an at-home game night every once in a while. No matter which games you and your buddies enjoy playing, when you divvy up teams and get at it, it can be a fun time for everybody. If you are of a certain age, game night to you might mean heading for the closet to grab some of those thin, rectangular boxes off a shelf. And while board games are still popular, in recent years digital versions have started to emerge, and you can find them on your PC, smartphone, tablet, or video game console.

An article on Kotaku talks about classic board games that are now in digital form, and some of them may be even better than the cardboard originals. Take Monopoly, for example. If you’ve ever played, you know how long it can take to get through even a few rounds. Studies have shown that 80 percent of Monopoly games are never finished (and/or end in someone yelling and flipping the board over). But when Monopoly is played on Nintendo, the game moves along at a much quicker pace. Plus, there’s no board to flip over (so no clean up!). One advantage of these games is that many don’t require an extra person else to play them. With Scrabble and Chess, you can match your skills against the computer AI instead of requiring a buddy or family member to be present. At they talk about other games that will make you leave those boxes on the shelf, such as Hasbro’s Family Game Night for Wii or Xbox 360.

This contains everything you need for a raucous night of competition, whether you are playing with your family or not. The game includes a ton of favorites, including Boggle, Connect Four, Sorry!, and Yahtzee. Did you love playing bingo as a kid? Well, now you can play it again on your mobile device. One of the latest versions is Trophy Bingo, in which a golden retriever named Goldie takes players on a journey through over 120 levels on the quest to find “superdogs” that unlock special bingo-playing powers. A review on NewsWatch  says the game is definitely worth a download. Do you like your bingo with a little intrigue? Storm8 recently released Clue Bingo, according to VentureBeat.

With familiar Clue characters like Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum, players attempt to solve a crime while at the same time enjoying the classic game. If you are still craving even more, you can find  an array of options on Gala Bingo. There are quite a few themes, too, and they include aliens, animals, and even one that will make you feel nostalgic for the ’80s club scene (if that was your thing, of course, haha). The next time you and your friends are looking for something different or new to do on a Friday night, think about just staying in and playing some games. And if you don’t feel like going through those dusty game boxes, now you know you have several great alternatives.

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