Star Trek Book Challenge 23: Shadows on the Sun (Star Trek: The Original Series)

217764Nothing beats the classic Star Trek crew! Shadows on the Sun (Star Trek: The Original Series) by Michael Jan Friedman is a fantastic read and helped break the frustration of the TNG novels. The more I read about the TNG novel the more I want to stop this challenge. My lord there are some terrible stories out there, not to mention the editing on some of these things. You’d have a great story line and then the editor just FUBARs everything.. Or should I say Kobayashi Maru?

As a young doctor with a beautiful family and a promising medical career, Dr. Leonard McCoy thought he had it all. But when the woman he loved betrayed him, McCoy fled to Starfleet, hoping to lose his pain in the depths of space. Now, more than forty years later, the Enterprise and her crew are ordered to transport a group of mediators to the planet Ssan, a world where assassination is a time-honored tradition, and McCoy is surprised to learn that his ex-wife, now remarried, is one of the mediators. And before he can come to terms with his conflicted feelings for his former love, she and Captain Kirk are trapped on Susan, and McCoy is caught in an explosive civil war, the only one with the power to save the woman who once nearly destroyed him.

Shadows on the Sun (Star Trek: The Original Series) starts off with a young Dr. Leonard McCoy and his family. Now just a note; this book taking place after the 4th Star Trek moviea and the main focus is on McCoy. Personally I couldn’t be happier with this book 🙂 It goes deep into McCoy’s past and saw us the events that take place the makes the Doctor we all know and love. There are 3 story lines in this book and it starts off with diplomatic mission of Alpha Gederix VI in which his ex-wife and her new husband are involved. The 2nd once goes more into the events and time he spent on Ssan during the war against Li Moboron. Then verything ties together in the third which is more of the climax of the novel and you get to see how McCoy pulls himself together and prevails after all the tragedy.

I highly recommend this book to anyone. Rent it, buy it, just read it! It’s one of the few books that’ll make you laugh, cry and worry about & for the character.

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  1. Michael Jan Friedman really got Star Trek and his work is usually good. He also wrote for some of the DC comics TNG series.

    The TNG books took some time to get going – you have to remember, Ghost Ship came out while the series was early in it’s first season (I remembered being astonished they got it out that fast). That means the writers of some of the early stuff may not have even seen any episodes, working only from scripts and the series bible. The original six issue mini-series for TNG is apalling. I mean it’s beyond terrible. The characterization is all over the place and they kind of let Pablo Marcos go wild – and man, did he ever. That man has never met a curve or point he didn’t like. There are no straight lines in his world. And while this makes for some fantastic visuals, the resulting look is light years away from what we would see in TV.
    Peter David’s Strike Zone is good. Things start to even out around shortly after that…around #9 or so (A Call to Darkness, coincidentally also by Michael Jan Friedman) I kind of liked Masks, a truly interesting concept (not surprising, this was back when they were using seasoned sci-fi and fantasy writers with established trak records outside of franchise work), but it lacks some of the essential Star Trek feel.

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    1. Sorry I didn’t write back sooner. Was doing a year end review… But yes I agree sadly. So far I’m really having a hard time with TNG novels. Some of the writing is just…. It’s what I like to call a “paycheck book”. I do want to check out Peter David’s Strike Zone tho. Sounds interesting.


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