dc-heroes-christmasIt’s the Christmas Special podcast!!! Full of music, geeky Christmas carol and many special guests!! Come check it out and click the link below for the podcast!

RNS3 Ep #4: 2015 Chris Lockhart Christmas Special

The 4th Annual Chris Lockhart Christmas Special! Christmas has come early for you podcast listener on episode 4 of Random Nerdness Season 3. Chris has a number of guests joining him to share some festive cheer including: Shelby Lockhart, Dave Kish, The Nerd Lunch podcast, Calvin Heighton, Lillian Wood, Joe Harvey and the Eclectic Mayhem podcast. We also have Christmas songs, a classic geek Christmas carol and some bacon pancakes!  We discuss Christmas Vacations (and some Alberta Comic Con talk).

WARNING: Explicit Tag earned on this episode!

Have a happy holiday season podcast listeners!