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So I was thinking about doing a year end review of some kind. Then it turned into something else haha! Looking at the numbers and readers I have, I was shocked! I knew there was at least a couple hundred followers and that’s not in counting the returning “visitors”/readers. Not to mention the growth of the website as a whole. For example:

When I started Nerdy Life Of Mine(use to be called Think Geek) in 2011 on Blogger with only 48 follower/readers. Note it wasn’t a .com then.

Then I moved it to WordPress in 2012 and that’s where I bought http://www.nerdylifeofmine.com. By the year’s end I had over 375 followers/readers. Also had a hard lesson on placement of sources and links. Things you really don’t think about when you first start. But after I found my footing and where I wanted to go with my site, things were rather smooth sailing at that point. Rather funny thing is, I only have 13 post for that year.. Baby steps I guess haha.

Moving ahead into 2013 I went from 375 followers/readers to 9,556! What!!?? Good lord! Kinda kicked things up that Twitter pixyear with 350 post and being more proactive and learning how to write code/build a website. Close to the end of the year I was asked to guest spot on a podcast called Geek Fallout. Also picked up a few different writers at this point, to take part in Nerdy Life Of Mine. A rather big year for N.L.M. Also I was given award by the blogging community for “The Inventive Blogger Award”. A rather nice way to wrap things up.

In 2014 I took a backseat a little this  year and let some of the other writers continue making posts. 2014 I also became a editor, producer and host for podcasts Geek Fallout, Random Nerdness, Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes and Trek1701. Most of my focus was on podcasting and networking and updating the website. I made a few posts here and there. The numbers held at over 9,000 again, only gaining a few hundred followers/readers. It went from 9,556 to 9,776. Not a bad year and holding strong. At the end of 2014 I started looking at the content and made a LOT of changes. Updated the look and feel of the N.L.M. and took a small step back from podcasting. Only doing editing and producing for Geek Fallout and Random Nerdness. In the end I removed some of the writers and cleaned house so to speak, there was about 450 posts written up for the year.

Now this brings up this year!! 2015!! After a lot of work and finding a good balance between podcasting and N.L.M things are running smooth. Still editing Geek Fallout podcast, and also started up a new podcast with some friends called Eclectic Mayhem Podcast. Also started writing more and have more of a scheduled line up of topics every week. Like  comic book trivia, podcasting topics, movie news and personal everyday life stories. Also started up a Book challenge that’s been going on for about half the year so far(still going on). There was a rather big jump in followers/readers this year! Going from 9,776 to 12,006!! Even tho this month isn’t over yet the total post count was 367 and I’m thinking it might 375-80 by the years end. Earlier this month, I started looking around for someone to do a new logo for N.L.M.. I’ve always made my own logos and thought it was time to see what other people can come up with. Right now I have a few samples to show you: ( I haven’t release the artist/designer’s name yet. Mostly do to the fact I don’t know if he would be okay with it. Hasn’t said other wise.)


Things to look forward to!? Well I will be continuing on with my Star Trek Book Challenge till I hit the end(even if it kills me.) I will also be podcasting with Eclectic Mayhem Podcast and Geek Fallout on a more regular time frame. I would also like to do a lot more TableTop topics like I use to. Getting back to my roots so to speak haha, I would also like to get back into my art and show it more on here. This is something I really don’t share with a lot of people and a lot of people don’t know about this :). Also I would like to get my wife to start writing more and share her nerdy cooking recipes and D.I.Y projects.

  ALRIGHT! Lets get into the TOP 10 post for the year!!

10: Awkward Moments With Brent Spiner

9: TableTop DIY Card Holders

8: … Fat Shaming… It’s A Thing

7: Helium Beer Test | Short Version with English Subtitles

6: Podcast Topic: Top 5 Cartoon Characters

5: Top 10 Nerdy Things To Do Before I Die

4: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Bootleg Film By Joseph Kahn

3: Comic Book Trivia Of The Day

2: Greatest Cosplay Joker: Anthony Misiano

1: Accident Prone Kids and “Goose Egg” on Head

TOP 10 Followers and Readers by country!

10: India

9: Italy

8: Brazil

7: Russia

6: Australia

5: Germany

4: France

3: United Kingdom

2: Canada

1: United States

TOP 10 Referrer:

10: diartofadorkette.blogspot.com

9: teamhellions.com

8: calvinscanadiancaveofcool.blogspot.com

7: ditreasures.blogspot.com

6: goodwillhunting4geeks.blogspot.com

5: Reddit

4: beforeitsnews.com

3: Google+

2: Twitter

1: Facebook

Well I think that’s it for the YEAR END REVIEW! I would like to thank everyone for reading, listening and taking part in my shenanigans over the years and current!! It means a lot and will continue to make funny and interesting post for your enjoyment :). Nerdy Life Of Mine

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