Star Trek: Final Frontier by Diane Carey is an interesting novel. This also currently out of print as far as I know. The story line for Final Frontier is about, Commander George Samuel Kirk was aboard the Enterprise under the command of Captain Robert April before his famous son was born. Starfleet has just been founded and the Enterprise has just been built, and is sent on its first mission. The mission takes the Enterprise into the heart of hostile Romulan territory, where cosmopolitical machinations and advanced weapons technology will decide the fate of a hundred innocent worlds.


This book is a rare gem for any Trek fans out there :). The background information given by this novel is a immaculent find about the Kirk family and the beginnings of Star Fleet. For more casual fans though it is not as interesting since there is very little real action. But Carey does a really good job at handling the characters, as well as being respectful of the ‘canon’ laid out by the original TV shows. It’s nice to see how things happened and where the history came about. You always here the stories and little glimpses here and there, just never the full story. This book goes beyond that and then some.

I recommend this book if you can find a copy some where.

On a side note: I did find out that is an audio book out there, some where. Read by Leonard Nimoy & James Doohan and was released by Audioworks (first published January 1st 1988) . That would be a interesting find and I wouldn’t mind having that :).