Star Trek Book Challenge 27: Requiem (Star Trek: The Next Generation #32)

216892So for this challenge! We are reading Requiem (Star Trek: The Next Generation #32) by Micheal Jan Friedman & Kevin Ryan. The story line for this novel is rather enjoyable and easy to read.

Twenty-five years ago, Captain Jean-Luc Picard conducted breakthrough negotiations with an aggressive race called the Gorn. On the anniversary of that achievement, Captain Picard and the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM are headed for the Gorn Homeworld to continue that important work. When the ship stops to investigate a mysterious alien artifact, Captain Picard is suddenly hurled through time and space. Just as Commander Riker and the “Starship Enterprise” crew begin an impossible search for their captain, the Gorn summit goes terribly wrong.

As war looms over the galaxy and Picard is desperately needed on the Gorn Homeworld, the captain finds himself stranded in the past on a planet called Cestus III at a crucial turning point in Federation history. Caught in a deadly situation that challenges Picard’s most cherished beliefs, he must weigh the fate of a world against the future of the entire Federation.

They did a good at capturing what each character’s mannerisms as well as behavior. The time travel was nicely done, also the back history for the enterprise as a whole.  There were some points where things dragged on a bit, but I have now real issues with the book. Beside it has the Gorn in the book! If you find yourself with some time to kill, check out this book.

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