it’s the end of the year and i hit 3k not too long ago, so here’s a follow forever! just want to let everyone on this list know that they’re awesome and that i love them!!! ❤️❤️❤️

@avenqerz @acewyrds @alljustletters @annieaceofhearts @bisexualamy @baskervilleshund @borntosavethedoctor @betseyschuylers @clarabosswald @copyofclara @clueinglooks @curiousbees @cokirk @commander-rey @claraoswin @deadhpool @doomslock @demisexualsherlock @eathons 

@goreisforgirls @glassofteajlc @gallifrey @gustins @johntective @johnandsherlocks @kirknspock 

@notheresonlyoneofme @opeggycarter @peletiersdixon @peterrrcapaldi @professionaltimemeddler @rockertwelve @riversclara @rivertwelve @riversnogged @rbertdowneyjr

@shylocks @sussex-bees-growingoldwithyou @spaceslayer @signofthreegarridebs @twelfthpaldi @tillthenexttimedoctor @timelordsandladies @thejohnlockhell @tjlcthoughts @thebulletgirl @the-best-teacup @tardismonkey @thebastardofgloucester @timeladv @tjlc @time-lady-swag @twelfthdoctor @twelvetimelord @universce @victorianpining @wsswatson @wonderlandinmymind @welovethebeekeeper 

i hope you all have a fantastic new year!!!!!!!!!!

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