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January 2016

Star Trek Book Challenge & Podcast Update Number Two!

We are on book 36 at the moment and will be releasing the 37th book tomorrow. But I have to say that this Challenge is interesting to say the least. This has pulled me in  a world I never thought I get into or want to be in. So far it seems to me a 50-50 type of thing, with some of these books being really good and some of them being terrible.. Bad…

Do I regret doing this Challenge? Nope, not at all! Even with all the bad, I still really enjoy all Star Trek. Now I’ve started out with 88 books in this Challenge and I’ve also added some more to this Challenge. Books I’ve read before or books that I have found in thrift stores or just book stores. Now that these novels are just add on books to the Challenge I make sure to label them as so. Like I have “Star Trek Book Challenge 25”, the following book that I have added to the Challenge would be titled “Star Trek Book Challenge 25.5”. If that makes sense to you guys.? I think I’ve added at least 3 books so far to the Challenge…. I think… Yes! One of them I haven’t posted about yet.

Over all this has become really fun for myself and rather enjoy doing this.. I really don’t know what I’m going to do once this Challenge is over. That’s if I make it to the end hahaha.

I also would like to say I’ve been doing the Trek1701 Podcast the last couple of times and got the changes to interview Garrett Wang who starred as Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager!! How cool is that!?! He is an amazing and funny guy and once the podcast is released I’ll make sure to share it with ALL of you!! Till then I have the Podcast eps before here to share with you. We talk about Star Trek: Voyager on these one and poke fun at Garrett a little bit. Of course he calls us on it in the next eps haha.

trek1701chrislillianandevanTrek1701 Ep #49: ST Voyager Talk

“Chris Lockhart and Lillian Wood are joined on the podcast with Jason Roberts, Calvin Heighton and Megan Elise. And on this episode we are discussing the series ‘Star Trek: Voyager””

At any rate, I hope you all keep coming back and checking out what new/old Star Trek novels I’ve been reading. I have a feeling this is going to be a year or almost a year long project :). If you have any books you know of or like for me to read, just leave a comment in the box below and I’ll see about adding it to the Challenge and as well give a shout out ;).




I know this problem for both. When I’m talking about TableTop, people ask what it is & for what system?… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the same face that Leo is making.

Good Guy Sauron!




Star Trek Book Challenge 36: Infiltrator (Star Trek: The Next Generation #42)

217508Centuries ago, followers of the tyrant Khan Noonien Singh left Earth for the planet Hera to continue his experiment in selective breeding. Now, they are finally ready to launch their plan of universal domination– with the U.S.S. Enterprise as their weapon. Captain Picard must enlist the help of Heran expatriate Astrid Kemal to defeat her fellow superbeings. Unless the captain and crew of the Enterprise can stop them, the Heran infiltrators could alter the genetic landscape of the galaxy for generations to come.

Infiltrator (Star Trek: The Next Generation #42) by W.R. Thompson…

The books was intriguing enough and yet rather long-winded at times. Which cause the story to lose my attention and found myself wondering.. We have a race that was made by eugenics and is picking a fight with Federation. Now with this story line it brings your basic Star Trek politics and space battles. With out giving much away, I think it it would have been an interesting TV episode and might have changed the some of the characters around. Especially Riker.. A pretty solid TNG book. Not great, but nothing wrong with it either. It’s one of the few novels that left me going, “Meh”.

Comic Book Trivia Of The Day

Macendale-Hobgoblin-GarneyAnswer for last weeks questions:

Question: At different times Ned Leeds, Roderick Kingsley, and Jason Macendale have all assumed the mantle of what Spider-Man nemesis?

The Hobgoblin

So now with today’s questions!

Question: What adjective was used in the title of the thrid Ant-Man’s solo comic series?

A: The Unfortunate Ant-Man

B: the Immoral Ant-Man

C: The irredeemable Ant-Man

Leave your answers in the comment section and I’ll post the answers next week. As well as some new trivia!

Star Trek Book Challenge 35: Crossroad (Star Trek: The Original Series #71)

So today we have Crossroad (Star Trek: The Original Series #71) by Barbara Hambly. This book had a lot of promise to it and for what it was I did rather enjoy reading it. That being said, the only problem for this book is the events that take place.

217599The crew of the Nautilus, a battered Starship of mysterious origin, is beamed aboard the Starship Enterprise. The group claims they are freedom fighters from the future working to save the Federation from the Consilium, a group of corrupt power-seekers. The Nautilus crew members then seize control of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and a Starship from the future arrives to arrest the renegades. Kirk must separate his true allies from those who wish to destroy the Federation.

Kinda a bizarre little story line and the only way for any of the events in this book to work at all in the Star Trek universe is either have it be an alternate or a completely different timeline. At times it feels like she was lost in her own thought process or not to sure on what to do next haha. Almost like a fish out of water really. There are some chapters that you can skip over, because they have nothing going on or no important backstory or actions. I would say this tho, the primary characters are true to form and the secondary characters are dimensional/non-robotic. It’s a good time filler and nothing else, all tho it’s FAR better than some of the other ones I’ve read in the past.

I don’t know what it is about Trek novels..? They are so hit and miss its not even funny, or they are “pay check” books. you’d think there would have been a standard by now for what Trek should be. I know Star Wars as a timeline they need to follow for the most part.. I mean there are a few really bad novel in that field as well, but that’s another story all together.

New Suicide Squad Trailer…

suicide-squadThe Suicide Squad movie…. Where do I begin? It’s so back and forth, I still have a lot of mixed feelings about the whole thing. I’m sure you can remember some of my older posts bout it when the news first dropped on us:

Excited for Suicide Squad? Do you think it’s going to be SIIIICK?

Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer (2016)

I still think Hot Topic kinda dropped trou all over this movie.. I just not sold on the costume design for most of the characters. But having said that This last trailer that was released a few days ago made me want to see it. I’m looking forward to this movie more than Batman VS Superman I have to say. But like I said in the other two posts, once the movies come out. THEN we’ll see how things are!  Till then, it’s just rumors and opinions.



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