Star Wars & My Hobbits (Spoilers Ahead!!)

So before I start writing this story, I must state that there will be spoilers! So if you haven’t seen Star Wars yet, STOP reading and move along! I’ll give you a minute…………..

……….. *waiting*…………. Still here?

So after seeing Star Wars opening night with my wife and best friends. I wanted my little ones to see Star Wars and the fact they kept asking about it.. BUT.. I was torn on them seeing it, mostly my youngest. Because his top 5 characters in Star Wars goes as follows:

  1. Han Solo…..
  2. Boba Fett
  3. Darth Vader
  4. Luke Skywalker
  5. Chewy

*Spoiler* So after watching this movie and seeing one of my favorite hero’s Han Solo die. I knew my youngest might have some problems with this :(… So after a good week and half of thinking, I made up my mind and take them the movie. It was fun to watch them through out Star Wars, they were so into it and sat through the WHOLE THING! I thougth for should there would have been a bathroom break in there some where haha. But no, they powered through the whole thing and questions. Oh my the questions.. Mostly asking where Luke was… I enjoyed the scene where they finally show the Millennium Falcon, they both jump and yelled it’s Han Solo’s ship! watching their eye’s get wide and dreamy like was cute. Then they finally brought in Chewy and Solo and everyone in the theater clapped and cheered as did the kids haha. for the next hour it was filled with “wow!”, “How did he do that?” and “awes.”…. Plus you have your may questions: “Where is Luke?” (Again), “Is she a Jedi?” etc….

Now we are at the heart breaking scene… The whole theater is quite.. As Han calls after Ben and walks crossed the catwalk. My oldest has her hands over her mouth sitting forward almost out of her seat. As well shaking her head “no”.. Looking at youngest he has his jacket pulled to his ears, sinking into his seat. Eyes big as 50 cent pieces.. At this point I know whats going to happen, but it’s still so hard to watch.. I can hear the people behind me starting to cry and.. Everything goes dark and all you can see is the red lighting from the movie and then it happens! Ben(Kylo Ren) turns the Lightsaber on and kills Han Solo with it. My oldest still having her hand a crossed her month can be heard saying “No!” dropping into her seat. My youngest shoots up holding the sides of his head yelling “NO!” and them looks at me with watery eye. “Why did..?… Would he kill his Dad Solo!?” Starting to cry I pull him in close and tell him I’ll explain later and tried to claim him down. Thank God for Chewy!! The Wookiee rage kicks in and shoot Ren and goes after everyone. That’s when my youngest started started cheering him on, even with tears in his eyes.

“Where is Luke? Why is he not here? He needs to stop Ren!” This is what I kept hearing through out the rest of the movie.. Then the fight scene between Ren and Fin started. After Fin went down and watching Rey use the Force to pickup the Lightsaber to take on Ren. They were in shock and my oldest was cheering… At the end of the movie and Luke was finally brought in, they both got really jumpy with joy. That’s the only way I could explain it haha. Then it cuts to the end screen… They both went “REALLY!?” at the same time. Yep that’s how it is. Now you have to wait for 2 to 3 years for the next one.

On the car ride back home I had to tell my youngest why Ren killed Solo and also told him that there is going to be another movie with Solo and Chewy in it coming up soon. Then he got rather happy about that. In the end I’m glad I took them to Star Wars.. I had to share my little story everyone, hope you don’t mind :).

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    Maybe my favorite thing that my friend Jason has ever written. I always dream of taking my son to see Star Wars but I never considered the emotional journey he will be taken on.

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