Why Do You Write?

I get asked this question a few times over the years. I’m still thinking of the answers really. But with this post, it got me thinking more in depth on why Nerdy Life Of Mine is around. I’ll have to write a post on why and the history.

Team Hellions

To give a little background, I don’t write full time.  Yet.  5-6 days out of the week I head off to work and make money to support my family, pay bills, and all the other things that come up in life.  In my free time I try to get as many posts as I can written for this site and others.  One recent work day a co-worker was talking about her blog and I mentioned that I had one too.


“Why do you have a blog?”

Long time readers will know the answer.  I started posting about Cloverfield before the movie came out and we were all trying to figure out what on earth this movie would be about.  From there an audience grew so my posts expanded to comics, wrestling, and all other geek topics.  With hard work came an audience and with that audience came some attention.  The…

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