Star Trek Book Challenge 31: The Eyes of the Beholders (Star Trek: The Next Generation #13)

217871After several Federation and Klingon ships disappear while traveling a newly opened trade route, the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM is sent to investigate. Their quest leads Captain Picard and his crew to an eerie space graveyard full of ships of every size and description, all of them, dead in space. At the center of the graveyard lies a huge, incredibly powerful artifact, constructed by an ancient alien race. And as the crew struggles to solve the mystery of the artifact, they unwittingly trigger its awesome power, a power that threatens insanity and death to all aboard the “Starship Enterprise.”

The Eyes of the Beholders (Star Trek: The Next Generation #13) by A.C. Crispin…

The book as a whole wasn’t bad, not perfect or action pack like some of the Trek novel in the past. It’s more of a psychological story line.. Now the main story line (we will call it A) was kinda flat and didn’t really go anywhere, thus making the end of the book a big let down. Now having said that! The sub story lines (we will call it B) was interesting and a lot more enjoyable. For example we have a Vulcan Doctor cares for a blind Andorian child, and Data is trying to write a novel. These are what makes this book worth reading. I do like what they did with Geordi in the story lines AND he wasn’t a big cry baby like he was in the last novel I read!! So good news there haha! But over all it’s a fun read and fast, but do note it’s more general fiction than sci-fi.

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