Star Trek Book Challenge 33: Vulcan’s Glory (Star Trek: The Original Series #44)

Going back to the original Star Trek with Christopher Pike! Vulcan’s Glory (Star Trek: The Original Series #44) by D.C. Fontana goes over Spocks first mission on the enterprise.. Fontana is also one of Star Trek’s original producers and the writer of such classic episodes as “Journey to Babel” and “This Side of Paradise.”

1061966Years before he came to be known as the best first officer in the fleet, Spock was a conflicted young ensign, serving on the Starship Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike. Struggling to reconcile his many obligations – those forced on him by his Vulcan heritage, and those chosen by him upon his enrollment in Starfleet Academy – Spock must also balance the desires of his own heart.

Those conflicting demands intersect during a mission to retrieve one of his world’s most sacred artifacts, a relic of Vulcan’s ancient past – the search for which will reveal dark and deadly secrets, forever altering the course of Spock’s life and defining the man he became.

The Vulcan’s Glory comes off as a murder mystery. A good one too, since the likely suspects are highly improbable. And the Glory itself, a relic of Vulcan’s warlike past, works as an intergalactic Maltese Falcon. Then you have Pike whose mission is to open trade routes on a developing world. Mister Lieutenant Scott with his amusing attempts at running the engine room haha. I felt really bad for Spock and T’Pris, but it gives me a little more insight on how Vulcans (Not just Spock) “operate” on an honor and relationship level.

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