Star Trek Book Challenge 36: Infiltrator (Star Trek: The Next Generation #42)

217508Centuries ago, followers of the tyrant Khan Noonien Singh left Earth for the planet Hera to continue his experiment in selective breeding. Now, they are finally ready to launch their plan of universal domination– with the U.S.S. Enterprise as their weapon. Captain Picard must enlist the help of Heran expatriate Astrid Kemal to defeat her fellow superbeings. Unless the captain and crew of the Enterprise can stop them, the Heran infiltrators could alter the genetic landscape of the galaxy for generations to come.

Infiltrator (Star Trek: The Next Generation #42) by W.R. Thompson…

The books was intriguing enough and yet rather long-winded at times. Which cause the story to lose my attention and found myself wondering.. We have a race that was made by eugenics and is picking a fight with Federation. Now with this story line it brings your basic Star Trek politics and space battles. With out giving much away, I think it it would have been an interesting TV episode and might have changed the some of the characters around. Especially Riker.. A pretty solid TNG book. Not great, but nothing wrong with it either. It’s one of the few novels that left me going, “Meh”.

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