Star Trek Book Challenge & Podcast Update Number Two!

We are on book 36 at the moment and will be releasing the 37th book tomorrow. But I have to say that this Challenge is interesting to say the least. This has pulled me in  a world I never thought I get into or want to be in. So far it seems to me a 50-50 type of thing, with some of these books being really good and some of them being terrible.. Bad…

Do I regret doing this Challenge? Nope, not at all! Even with all the bad, I still really enjoy all Star Trek. Now I’ve started out with 88 books in this Challenge and I’ve also added some more to this Challenge. Books I’ve read before or books that I have found in thrift stores or just book stores. Now that these novels are just add on books to the Challenge I make sure to label them as so. Like I have “Star Trek Book Challenge 25”, the following book that I have added to the Challenge would be titled “Star Trek Book Challenge 25.5”. If that makes sense to you guys.? I think I’ve added at least 3 books so far to the Challenge…. I think… Yes! One of them I haven’t posted about yet.

Over all this has become really fun for myself and rather enjoy doing this.. I really don’t know what I’m going to do once this Challenge is over. That’s if I make it to the end hahaha.

I also would like to say I’ve been doing the Trek1701 Podcast the last couple of times and got the changes to interview Garrett Wang who starred as Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager!! How cool is that!?! He is an amazing and funny guy and once the podcast is released I’ll make sure to share it with ALL of you!! Till then I have the Podcast eps before here to share with you. We talk about Star Trek: Voyager on these one and poke fun at Garrett a little bit. Of course he calls us on it in the next eps haha.

trek1701chrislillianandevanTrek1701 Ep #49: ST Voyager Talk

“Chris Lockhart and Lillian Wood are joined on the podcast with Jason Roberts, Calvin Heighton and Megan Elise. And on this episode we are discussing the series ‘Star Trek: Voyager””

At any rate, I hope you all keep coming back and checking out what new/old Star Trek novels I’ve been reading. I have a feeling this is going to be a year or almost a year long project :). If you have any books you know of or like for me to read, just leave a comment in the box below and I’ll see about adding it to the Challenge and as well give a shout out ;).

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