Star Trek Book Challenge 37.5: STAR TREK: PROBE (Star Trek: The Original Series)

So I’m sure you’ve some of my posts or my Twitter feed that I found some Star Treks books to add to the Challenge… I think I have a problem.. I’ve added a few books in the past to this Challenge and I normally number them with a “.5”, example: Star Trek Book Challenge 37.5. Figured it’ll help keep track of the new books that come into this Challenge. For this Challenge I found a copy of STAR TREK: PROBE (Star Trek: The Original Series) by Margaret Wander Bonanno and it is a follow up to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It is about 10 years after this took place, if you go by the timeline. Now for some unknown reason you haven’t seen Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, here is a quick run down of the movie:

MV5BMjEzOTk1ODU1Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODEwNDI4OA@@._V1_SX214_AL_Living in exile on the planet Vulcan, the ragtag former crew of the USS Enterprise steal a starship after receiving a planetary distress call from Earth: a space probe has entered into orbit around Earth, disabled global power on the planet and evaporated the oceans. Captain Kirk (William Shatner), Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and the rest of the officers travel back in time to retrieve now-extinct humpback whales, which Spock has deduced will communicate with the probe and send it away from Earth.

Also some rather fun facts: after directing The Search for Spock, Leonard Nimoy was asked to direct the next movie, and given greater freedom regarding the film’s content. Nimoy and producer Harve Bennett conceived a story with an environmental message and no clear-cut villain. Dissatisfied with the first screenplay produced by Steve Meerson and Peter Krikes, Paramount hired The Wrath of Khan writer and director Nicholas Meyer. Meyer and Bennett divided the story between them and wrote different parts of the script, requiring approval from Nimoy, lead actor William Shatner, and Paramount.

4453948321_50f4cff28bNow with Star Trek: Probe it’s an interesting read to say the least. I personal rather enjoyed the novel and thought it added to the story line well, as well as answered some questions that the movie left behind. I mean sure there are a few moments where is it rather disjointed and out of place. I did find out that the author had some rather big problems with this book and stated that the finished book is not her own. guess there were re-writes that she wasn’t apart of and says she keeps herself distance from the finished book. The title of her novel is called “Music of the Spheres”. I found an interesting read at called Star Trek – Music of the Spheres by Margaret Wander Bonanno (Review). There is covers some of the drama that went on behind the scenes and the other problems writers had with Paramount & others. But the background story for Probe is :

18211151Ten years have passed since Captain Kirk and the EnterpriseTM crew brought back hump-backed whales from the twentieth century to communicate with the mysterious Probe which threatened Earth. The Probe is returning to Earth and has plotted its course, and the Enterprise must continue to delve into the mystery of its language, and its cosmic purpose to save Earth once again.

Even tho there were problems with the book and the writers. I still rather enjoyed it and the crew was spot on. I will keep an eye open for a copy of “Music of the Spheres” tho, I would really like to read she story and see what the differences are. So if you happen to come across this novel, I say grab it and give it a read!!

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