Star Trek Book Challenge 38: Fallen Heroes (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #5)

Giving Deep Space Nine another go!! So we have Fallen Heroes (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #5) by Dafydd ab Hugh. Here is the story background:

77205When a troop of alien warriors demands the return of an imprisoned comrade — a prisoner no one on Deep Space Nine knows anything about — Commander Benjamin Sisko has a deadly fight on his hands. Under sudden attack from the heavily armed warriors, Sisko and his crew struggle desperately to repel the invaders and save the lives of everyone on board.

Meanwhile, a strange device from the Gamma Quadrant has shifted Ferengi barkeeper Quark and Security Chief Odo three days into the future to a silent Deep Space Nine. To save the station they must discover what caused the invasion to take place, and find a pathway back through time itself.

Absolutely dark and fantastic Deep Space Nine novel! Gotta’ love Odo and Quark teaming up once again and sent  forward through time by an alien device only to discover that everyone on the station has been horrifically killed. Having to unravel what has happened and then find a way to return back in time to prevent the mass murder from occurring. Definitely give this a read if you have the chance. But like I said this book is a dark, dark read.


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