Star Trek Book Challenge 39: Fortune’s Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation #15)

.. Meh..

Fortune’s Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation #15) by Michael Jan Friedman… It’s… Yeah… It’s a filler story and adds vary little to the canon of Star Trek. I think the problem with this book and I’m finding this be a big problem with most of  TNG books. This was released before or around the beginning of the first season. So things really seem out of character and/or out of place through out this story line. The main focus is Riker in this novel and sadly it is REALLY lackluster , there is also a sub story going on with Data. But it so out of place and doesn’t blend with the book. Also like they were meant to be two different books, but someone got lazy haha.

217873Dante Maxima Seven — a world known to its inhabitants as Imprima. A world where Madragi — huge social/economic entities wealthy beyond compare — control the fate of millions…
Years ago, William Riker was part of the Starfleet delegation that opened Imprima to the Federation. Now the disappearance of an old friend — Teller Conlon, who also served on that team — draws Riker and the Enterprise™ across the galaxy, back to Imprima.
Because the jewel known as Fortune’s Light — one of Madraga Criathis’s most priceless possessions — has been stolen. And Teller Conlon stands accused of its theft. Now Riker must discover the truth behind the disappearance of both his friend and Fortune’s Light, no easy task on a world where treachery and intrigue are commonplace…and where even an old friend’s embrace may conceal the deadly bite of a dagger’s blade.

Baseball… So much Baseball… You’ll have to read the book to find out why haha!

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