Today Assignment: “Love Your Theme”

Here we are asked to look at our theme and make some changes. Or if we haven’t started anything yet with the blog, go through and pick one out that we are happy with and take it from there.

Now I’ve changed themes over the years and currently I rather enjoy the theme and lay out. I’m am in the middle of working on getting new logos made for my site. Like a new banner/header or a side button or a profile picture, even a new background (maybe). I have made posts in the past about going over the history of my site and the changes that have taken place.

It’s always fun to change things up once in awhile. But not to much I have found. It’s always good to have some familiar elements for people, sometimes a complete overhaul might be a little off putting for most.

I believe your blog should be a part of you and who you are. Therefore it should represent all that you are and also evolve with you. Because as we get older our ideas and tastes change. It seems natural right? I mean here are some picture I’ve used in the past for my site:

Nerdy Life Of Minecropped-nerdy-life-of-mine-3.jpg Twitter back Twitter pix The last two are using right now. I do have three other logos that are coming up soon. I just don’t want to show off just yet. Waiting till I have everything together and make sure everything lines up.

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