Meet & Greet A Pre-Wizard World Event: Interviews James Marsters, Christian Kane & Victor Dandridge


Let the games begin!!

So the other night me and my wife drove up to Portland to get the press pass for Wizard World! Got to meet some of the other media folks and also the guests that came that night. We had James Marsters (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel”), Christian Kane (“The Librarians/Angel”) and Chris 51 (“Epic Ink”). We also had artist Victor Dandridge (Editor-In-Chief – Vantage: Inhouse).

I was lucky to interview James Marsters, Christian Kane and Victor Dandridge the other night!  I can tell you that all three of these guys are super nice and down to earth. When I got there I RSVP to interview James, but there was a gentleman before myself. So while waiting my turn I was asked if I would like to interview Christian Kane! Sure! I felt bad because I was not ready in any form to ask him any questions. I’ve always been a fan and I’ve followed Leverage all the way to the bitter end…. I loved him in Angel. So I knew I could come up with some question on the spot.. But man, I had a fan freak out moment with him haha. Fantastic guy and super funny. Christian if you happen to read this, thank you for putting up with me hahaha! Sadly most of the interviews are all about 6 to 10 minutes long. Once I get everything uploaded and edited for the podcasts I’ll make sure to share the link with all of you.

img_20160219_003426.jpgJames Marsters…  Down to earth, funny and easy to talk to. As I was walking up he looked at me and said,” Oh! It’s you! I remember you!” Starting to laugh I had to look at him and ask, “It’s the mustache isn’t it?”. While laughing he said “yes” hahaha. Whats great tho, that was almost 3 years ago when me and my wife met him. I was rather shocked. At this point we just started talking about family and his kids and my kids. It felt like running in long lost friend and trying to catch up with everything. Then I realized I wasn’t recording any of these, I quickly turned on my recorder and continued along with everything. Great guy. This interview was about 10 minutes long and again like Christian, I’ll get everything uploaded to the podcast.

Mister Victory Dandridge. We were getting ready to leave for the night till Abby (who runs the press and put all this together.) asked if we would like to interview Victor. Sure! Now I haven’t heard of this guy till last night so I went into this interview flying by the seat of my pants. I’m glad Abby said something to me about him. Easy going and super funny. Amazing artiest as well, what I really like about this conversation we had. It was two fans setting down and talking about comics. If you get the chance to see him at Wizard World do so!! His website is

victor-dandridge-10_7Victor Dandridge is a rising star in the small-press market, rapidly gaining notoriety
and acclaim through his creator-owned publishing imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions.
Through V:IP, Dandridge has produced award-nominated/winning titles (The Samaritan, Origins Unknown, The Trouble w/ Love, and Wonder Care), the workbook-based educational brand, U Cre-8 Comics, as well as the
multi-media comic book tutorial show, UnConventional.


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