With everything going on in my life right now. I’ll make a post about it later. But I think this will be the last post I do for a little while, aside from the scheduled posts that are put into place.

I found I was nominated for the “The Versatile Blogger” award. I would like to thank Pointless & Prosaic for making the nomination.


Now to accept this nomination, one you have to:

Show the award on your blog (insert the picture in your post)

– Thank the person who nominated you

– Share 7 facts about yourself

– Nominate 10 blogs – link your nominees’ blogs and let them know.

Sounds easy enough haha. Well there are the 7 little facts about myself, do enjoy.

1: I enjoy graphic arts, painting, drawing, photography

2: I currently writing a book.

3: I’m rather into Rockabilly and Steampunk

4: I have two amazing kids and a fantastic wife who support me in everything I do 🙂

5:Into gaming big time. TableTop or video games, it doesn’t matter

6: I host and edit 3 different podcast shows and run this blog.

7: I’m also a cook 😉

So now I need to nominated 10 other blogs who I think would fit this award. Not this is in no real order and is mostly based on the blogs I follow the most.

1: http://goodwillhunting4geeks.blogspot.com/

2: http://diaryofadorkette.blogspot.com/

3: http://poppopitstrashculture.blogspot.com/

4: https://sadagopangovindan.wordpress.com/

5: https://owldragonash.wordpress.com/

6: http://teamhellions.com/

7: https://freelancerr.wordpress.com/

8: http://henchman4hire.com/

9: https://crazy4comiccon.wordpress.com/

10: http://randomnerdness.blogspot.com/

Thank you again for the nomination!!!!