Star Trek Book Challenge 43.5: Star Trek: Debt of Honor: Graphic Novel

399550So with the craziness with Wizard World the last couple of weeks. I thought I’d read this Star Trek comic that my wife found at Powell’s Books store! It’s called Star Trek: Debt of Honor by Chris Claremont. It’s an interesting story line that mostly follows the movies, rather than the TV series.

Star Trek: Debt of Honor is an original graphic novel in which Captain Kirk and the crew of the EnterpriseTM find themselves teamed with Klingons and Romulans against a galactic threat that has been hushed up by their respective governments.

cl-har_02Adam Hughes art work is amazing and fits Star Trek so well.. The colors and shading is fantastic, everything pops. For those who don’t startrek-debtofhonourknow who Adam Hughes is, Adam is an American comic book artist and illustrator who has provided illustration work for companies such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros. Mostly know for his work on the pinup-style female characters like Wonder Woman, Catwoman, etc.

The story for this comic works. the only problem I’m finding is that it takes place in the movies timelines and nothing else. So with DS9 and TNG story loses it’s way and makes it non-canon in the Trek universe.. Sadly.. It is a rather great story and works really well with the art. There have been some many cases where the art is amazing and the story just sucks. Or the art is crap and the story great. This has a nice balance of both :). At times it can seem a little bit startrekdcdebtofhonor87convoluted. But by the end of it all Claremont had woven a very well done typical Captain Kirk adventure. I would recommend this comic book to any Star Trek fans, just note that the story can be confusing without prior knowledge of the original series and movies. Mostly the movies.



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