WWCCHey it’s Jason Bucky Roberts!! So last month I was lucky enough to go to Comic Con and interview a number of people. As I wrote in my blog about sharing everything with you. I’m sorry it took so long to publish. There was a lot of personal problems that had come up and caused this podcast and other projects to take a back seat. Sadly I’m the editor and recorder for the this podcast (currently). So if something happens to me or I’m not able to make it, the podcast gets pushed back… For that I’m sorry :(. But!! Now we find ourselves here and talking about Comic Con!! On this podcast we have interviews with James Marsters, Christian Kane and Victor Dandridge!! Plus a small little interview with my kids on their first time at Comic Con :). I hope you all enjoy!!

Source: Eclectic Mayhem Podcast: Wizard World Comic Con Interviews & Updates