4 thoughts on “WTF Starbucks?

    1. That may be. I’ve also seen Jason spelled out “Jayson”. But the main form of spelling is “Jason”. I didn’t say it funny or what have you. I go to this coffee shop a lot and I know they know me. It just comes down to laziness and lack of caring. I know what my work, I deal with people every day and have to take names all the time. But I always ask or at least double check if I’ve spelled things right. I know a lot of people will get offended if you mispronounce or misspell their name. Like my Step-dad for example is from India. His last name is Chenjeri and people murder his name all the time. And I know this bothers him, so rather deal with people he uses his nickname.
      So while I understand that there are different ways of spelling my name. Or names in general, I still think this is still rather annoying. Besides, given Starbucks’s history on names I’m not to surprised by this.


  1. I hear you on that. I’ve gotten ‘Gia’ a number of times, even after I spell it. And in every case (unless I go there a lot), my name will always be mispelled.

    I agree – if you didn’t hear it right, ask me to repeat it. I do my best to make sure I not only pronounce a name correctly, but that I know how to spell it. It’s called respect, people.

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    1. Right! I’ve been getting a lot of comments like “get over yourself” or “deal with it”. I’m sorry, but no haha. If I spell it out for you and you still get it wrong. That’s flat out laziness and lack of respect.


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