Aventure Time At Book Stores


The first store was kinda a bust. Not much in the way of books 📚. At least the books I’m into.. Altho I was rather close to adding more Trek to my Book Challenge, lucky I didn’t. I found I already had a lot of these books already. I wanted to look and r what they had in the way of Star Wars… Sadly not much.


That’s it…. Two shelves.. No more, no less haha 😂. So after we headed to another book store called Escape Fiction. Oh my God! I think I found my new favorite shop 😆. There were so many books I wanted to get. I’ll have to wait till next pay day. But I did get one book by R. A. Salvatore called Siege of Darkness.


I have a feeling that there is going to be a part two to this adventure.

2 Replies to “Aventure Time At Book Stores”

  1. I really thought you found Adventure Time books, thus the headline, and I was really looking forward to seeing what Finn and Jake books you had found. Not that I’m not looking forward to part two. Looks like a cool store.

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