Star Trek Book Challenge 47: Q-In-Law (Star Trek: The Next Generation #18)

What is a Q?
It’s a letter of the alphabet, as far as I know.
– Worf and Tasha Yar, 2364 (“All Good Things…“)
Oh Q… He has to be one of my favorite characters from TNG. For those who don’t know who Q is: Q is a highly powerful entity from a race called omnipotent, godlike beings also known as The Q.
star-trek-enterprise-animated-gif-21The Q were a seemingly omnipotent and immortal species who inhabited the Q Continuum, possessing the ability of instantaneous matter-energy transformation and teleportation, as well as the ability of time travel. The Q had control over space, time, matter, and energy. (VOY: “Q2“) In addition, Q spectacularly claimed to possess an IQ of 2005. (TNG: “Deja Q“) They didn’t make official contact with the Federation until 2364, when the crew of the USS Enterprise-D met “Q”. (TNG: “Encounter at Farpoint“) At least one Q, acting on his own, had intervened and influenced Human affairs since at least the time of Isaac Newton. (VOY: “Death Wish“)
Q-In-Law (Star Trek: The Next Generation #18) by Peter David is more of a romantic comedy.. In a weird Q way that is. It’s a really light story line and moves along quickly, so if anyone is looking for a “real” story driven plot. This isn’t it. Now having said that! The cast of characters that were used in this book seemed a little off. Almost out of character for a lot of them, all tho the use of Wesley, Riker and Troi were well done. Q is always great haha. The made story line goes like this:
76894Two powerful rival families of the spacefaring merchant race called the Tizarin are to be joined through marriage, and the U.S.S. Enterprise is chosen as the site for the wedding. Captain Picard is pleased by the happy duty, but his pleasure is cut short by the arrival of the Federation delegate from Betazed, Lwaxana Troi, the mother of ship’s counsellor, Deanna Troi. Despite Lwaxana Troi’s romantic overtures toward the captain, the celebration seems to go smoothly until the situation is further complicated by the arrival of the notorious and all powerful being called Q, who has come to examine and challenge the human concept of love. The festivities are thrown into turmoil, the powerful Tizarin families are on the verge of war, and Lwaxana Troi is determined to teach Q a lesson in love that he will never forget.
So if you happen to find of a copy of this novel, I say give it a read. It’s great for a laugh that’s for sure.
He’s devious and amoral and unreliable and irresponsible and… and definitely not to be trusted.
– Jean-Luc Picard, 2367 (“Qpid“)

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