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April 2016

Star Trek Book Challenge 54: A Flag Full of Stars (Star Trek: The Original Series #54)

So here we are with A Flag Full of Stars (Star Trek: The Original Series #54) by Brad Ferguson…. Before I go anywhere with this post, here is the plot for this novel:

77019A Flag Full Of Stars

It has been eighteen months since the Starship Enterprise completed her historic five-year mission and her legendary crew has seperated, taking new assignments that span the galaxy.

On Earth, Admiral James T. Kirk has married and started a new life as the Chief of Starfleet operations where he is overseeing the refit of his beloved ship, now commanded by a new Captain — Willard Decker. Kirk’s only tie to his former crewmates is his Chief of Staff, a young Lieutenant Commander named Kevin Riley.

But Kirk’s new, quiet life changes when he meets a scientist named G’dath who is on the brink of perhaps the greatest scientific discovery in a century. G’dath’s invention could mean tremendous strides in Federation technology, or — in the wrong hands — the subjugation of countless worlds.

When Klingon agents capture this new technology, Admiral Kirk and Lt. Commander Riley are all that stands between peace and devastation for the entire Federation.

Now being the second novel in the Lost Years of Star Trek and picks up a few months after the first one. What I mean mean by the “Lost Years” is the time between the of the original series and the first Trek movie (Star Trek: The Motion Picture). It was interesting to say the least and does a good job at picking up on the last days of the original Enterprise. But sadly it kinda drops the ball when meld the timelines together, at least in a way that would be meaningful. The idea is good, but the plot and story is lackluster and limps along till the end of the book.

The main focus of the story is Kirk.. Only Kirk.. Scotty comes up for a page or two, same thing with Sulu & Uhura. Spock, Bones, Chekov are not even in the book.. No where to be found. Weren’t even brought up in conversion. I found this to be rather odd.. This isn’t a bad book, it’s just there and rather forgettable. What characters that where in the story was nicely done and to the point with a good knowledge of the history. The plot just need the a lot of work.


News From Wizard World


So earlier I got an email informing me that John D. Maatta has been named President and CEO of Wizard World, Inc., effective Tuesday, May 3, 2016.

Wizard World, Inc. Appoints John D. Maatta President and Chief Executive Officer
Wizard World, Inc. today announced the appointment of John D. Maatta as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Wizard World is the leading producer in North America of events and comic conventions that celebrate the very best of pop culture, celebrity, movies, TV shows, gaming, technology and live music.

“John brings Wizard World his solid entertainment industry experience and proven success in creating innovative content and distribution strategies. Wizard World is poised to expand its already significant footprint, and John will work with us to guide the company to its next phase of growth and beyond,” said Paul Kessler, Chairman of the Wizard World Board of Directors.

Maatta has enjoyed a particularly successful career as an entertainment executive, having served as the first employee of the WB Television Network, as well as the unnamedExecutive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of both the WB and the CW Television Network—where he was the co-head of the network for more than six years. Maatta served in various capacities as an executive at Warner Bros and Lorimar-Telepictures Corporation for almost 28 years.

“Wizard World is the preeminent producer of pop culture multi-city tours that aggregates huge audiences of fans across the country. Wizard World comic conventions are high-energy events bringing entertainment fans the most sought-after and interesting celebrities and content from movies, television and music to technology and sports. Wizard World is on the verge of becoming an especially powerful force in the entertainment industry as it rapidly expands into the area of content creation together with the launch of new distribution initiatives. Wizard World stands squarely at the intersection of the audience, celebrities and cutting edge content. Wizard events are the sweet spot where the entertainment industry interacts one-on-one with its audience,” said Maatta.
Mr. Maatta currently serves as the President of UNICEF in Southern California, and as Chairman of the UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative.  Additionally, Mr. Maatta serves on the Board of Trader Vic’s Corporation, and is a member of the advisory Board of the Asia Society.
Mr. Maatta’s appointment will be effective as of May 3, 2016.

Wizard World, Inc. ( produces comic convention pop culture events across North America that celebrate the best in celebrities, pop culture, movies, television, music, sports, cosplay, comics, technology, video gaming, sci-fi, gaming, original art, and collectibles. A first-class lineup of topical programming takes place at each Wizard event, with celebrity Q&A’s, comics-themed sessions, movie screenings, and music concerts Wizard World has also launched Wizard World Store (, CONtv, a digital media channel in partnership with leading independent content distributor Cinedigm™ (NASDAQ: CIDM), and ComicConBox™ (, a premium subscription-based monthly box service. Fans can access Wizard World on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms.

My Morning So Far


Me being Ryan Reynolds…….

Star Trek Book Challenge 53: Captain’s Honor, The (Star Trek: The Next Generation #8)

This pile of Poop… Yes I said POOP (I’m in that kinda mood haha okay). Is written by Daniel Dvorkin and wow.. I really don’t know where to go from here. The story is beyond basic and lackluster.. Mundane would be the right word to use here. The author tried to make a Roman/German twist to things and it didn’t work out.. It was just messy and story lines didn’t make sense at times. Picard is rather out of character and Enterprise crew lifelessly strolled about the novel doing nothing, seriously, nothing.

So if you see this novel, just keep walking…

51fcaOjaq4L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A series of vicious attacks by the enigmatic M’Dok Empire has devastated the planet Tenara — bringing the U.S.S Enterprise™ and another Federation starship, the Centurion, to the planet’s aid. The Centurion‘s captain is Lucius Sejanus — a powerful, magnetic man who favors taking a far stronger stance against the M’Dok than Captain Picard. And as the conflict escalates, Sejanus’s instincts seem to be correct…for it appears only extreme measures can stop the murderous raids on Tenara.

Now the people of Tenara must decide which pathe they will follow — the way of peace, or the road to war. But unknown to any one of the Centurion‘s officers has made that decision for them — and plans to provoke a full-scale war between the Federation and the M’Dok Empire!

Also I would like to point out the fact that they have a Japanese sword on the cover…. Was a Roman sword not interesting enough? Whatever at this point….


Thrift Treasures!


So this is the latest find at the yearly donation we have going on at my wife’s patents church. Rules are you bring somethings and you can take somethings. Found a few Star Wars items, as well as the X-Files (shocking). And heaven help me… More Star Trek… I just added 4 new books my Star Trek Book Challenge.


The Star Wars board game that my Mother in law found for me. Is fully complete and after doing some research on it. I found some crazy facts about it.


The going price is $200.00 in most shops. But $1019.99! Good lord… From what I’ve read, this game is rather good and fun to play. That and they don’t make it anymore. So this was a big score there! Once we have a TableTop night again. I’ll make sure to take picture and share the game play 🙂

Loot Crate: Quest Theme


Well here we are with this month’s Loot Crate.. Quest was the theme… Wasn’t too shock and awed by this month’s. All tho it did have some cool items like the 20 side 🎲 ice cube maker. I liked the shirt it came with. But everything was kinda meh. Socks are always good tho 🙂

New Trek Coming


Catching up on my Trek. I just posted the latest challenge on the Shell Game. For this week these are the novels that will be popping up.

Star Trek Book Challenge 52: Shell Game (Star Trek: The Original Series #63)

217586While on a routine mission to retrieve a research drone for recycling, the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM encounters a Romulan space station adrift within Federation borders. Exploring the lifeless station, the crew finds ghostly apparitions flitting at the edges of sight. Soon the “U.S.S. Enterprise” is also inexplicably without power. Captain Kirk and his crew must now solve the mystery of the strange apparitions before the Starship suffers the station’s fate.

The situation becomes desperate when a Romulan warship arrives looking for the station, and the Romulan Commander accuses the Federation of treachery. Before Captain Kirk can save the Starship “Enterprise” from complete destruction, he must avoid becoming drawn into a deadly shell game, a game that will leave no winners and no survivors.

Written by Melissa Crandall, the novel is half bad. it does a good job at balancing the history and over all atmosphere of the book. The plot moves along nicely and keeps your attention throughout. There are some parts that rather meh.. Typical Trek cookie cutter story plot and at times causes the story to drag a bit. But over all I liked it and say give it a read if you get a chance.

Wish I had more to post about this book.. But it just there and yeah hahaha. It’s not bad, at the same time it’s not great.

Because Peter Dinklage.. That’s Why

I needed a laugh this morning. Save to say this did it HAHAHA

Peter Dinklage

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