Star Trek Book Challenge 48: Chains of Command (Star Trek: The Next Generation #21)

We have Chains of Command (Star Trek: The Next Generation #21) by Bill McCay & E.L. Flood…. I have to say I really didn’t like this book. Not that the story was badly written or the histories were messed up OT a pay check book. It was just rather lackluster for the most part. You’d think for having a kidnap Picard would make for more of a action driven novel. Nope.

217877While exploring a group of devastated class-M planets in a remote sector of space, the crew of the U.S.S. “Enterprise (TM) ” is shocked to discover a group of human slaves on a forbidding, glacial world. When the slaves revolt against their human overseers, Captain Picard and his crew sympathize with the slaves plight but cannot interfere in the conflict. After the revolt is a success, Captain Picard learns that both the slaves and the overseers were controlled by a mysterious bird-like race called the Tseetsk, who are coming to reclaim their property. With the time running out, the rebels kidnap Captain Picard and Counsellor Troi — drawing the U.S.S. “Enterprise” into the middle of their deadly plan of vengeance.

Mediocore.. Is the word I would use for this book. LOTS of potential, but missed the mark. It seems like the authors couldn’t agree on anything or didn’t know what the other one was writing about. Kinda jumpy and yet used the same crappy Trek formula for story lines. Nothing really original here sadly.


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