Interview with Garrett Wang (ST Voyager’s Ensign Harry Kim)

aead67c36793d090cdd725f30a7c5f1c873861f4So back in Jan. 26 of this year, I had the change to sit down and do a podcast Garrett Wang aka Ensign Harry Kim of Star Trek Voyager. A group of us got together on Trek1701 Podcast and interview/chat with him. The whole podcast is about 2 hours long, give or take. Garrett was a super nice guy and beyond funny. Plus he does a great George Takei hahaha :). At any rate I hope you all enjoy this podcast and interview that we were so lucky to do. Sorry it took so long to get the podcast out. It was all about timing and with the podcast shows going, just needed to wait. BUT! Here it is, the wait is over!

Just follow the link below to the podcast:

Source: Geek Fallout Productions » Blog Archive » Trek1701 Ep #51: Interview with Garrett Wang (ST Voyager’s Ensign Harry Kim)


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