Star Trek Book Challenge 52: Shell Game (Star Trek: The Original Series #63)

217586While on a routine mission to retrieve a research drone for recycling, the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM encounters a Romulan space station adrift within Federation borders. Exploring the lifeless station, the crew finds ghostly apparitions flitting at the edges of sight. Soon the “U.S.S. Enterprise” is also inexplicably without power. Captain Kirk and his crew must now solve the mystery of the strange apparitions before the Starship suffers the station’s fate.

The situation becomes desperate when a Romulan warship arrives looking for the station, and the Romulan Commander accuses the Federation of treachery. Before Captain Kirk can save the Starship “Enterprise” from complete destruction, he must avoid becoming drawn into a deadly shell game, a game that will leave no winners and no survivors.

Written by Melissa Crandall, the novel is half bad. it does a good job at balancing the history and over all atmosphere of the book. The plot moves along nicely and keeps your attention throughout. There are some parts that rather meh.. Typical Trek cookie cutter story plot and at times causes the story to drag a bit. But over all I liked it and say give it a read if you get a chance.

Wish I had more to post about this book.. But it just there and yeah hahaha. It’s not bad, at the same time it’s not great.

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