Thrift Treasures!


So this is the latest find at the yearly donation we have going on at my wife’s patents church. Rules are you bring somethings and you can take somethings. Found a few Star Wars items, as well as the X-Files (shocking). And heaven help me… More Star Trek… I just added 4 new books my Star Trek Book Challenge.


The Star Wars board game that my Mother in law found for me. Is fully complete and after doing some research on it. I found some crazy facts about it.


The going price is $200.00 in most shops. But $1019.99! Good lord… From what I’ve read, this game is rather good and fun to play. That and they don’t make it anymore. So this was a big score there! Once we have a TableTop night again. I’ll make sure to take picture and share the game play 🙂

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