Star Trek Book Challenge 53: Captain’s Honor, The (Star Trek: The Next Generation #8)

This pile of Poop… Yes I said POOP (I’m in that kinda mood haha okay). Is written by Daniel Dvorkin and wow.. I really don’t know where to go from here. The story is beyond basic and lackluster.. Mundane would be the right word to use here. The author tried to make a Roman/German twist to things and it didn’t work out.. It was just messy and story lines didn’t make sense at times. Picard is rather out of character and Enterprise crew lifelessly strolled about the novel doing nothing, seriously, nothing.

So if you see this novel, just keep walking…

51fcaOjaq4L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A series of vicious attacks by the enigmatic M’Dok Empire has devastated the planet Tenara — bringing the U.S.S Enterprise™ and another Federation starship, the Centurion, to the planet’s aid. The Centurion‘s captain is Lucius Sejanus — a powerful, magnetic man who favors taking a far stronger stance against the M’Dok than Captain Picard. And as the conflict escalates, Sejanus’s instincts seem to be correct…for it appears only extreme measures can stop the murderous raids on Tenara.

Now the people of Tenara must decide which pathe they will follow — the way of peace, or the road to war. But unknown to any one of the Centurion‘s officers has made that decision for them — and plans to provoke a full-scale war between the Federation and the M’Dok Empire!

Also I would like to point out the fact that they have a Japanese sword on the cover…. Was a Roman sword not interesting enough? Whatever at this point….


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