Happy Holidays! Warm and friendly wishes to you all this season!

For the past couple months I’ve been taking a costuming hiatus in order to resuscitate and relocate my entire life. To those who noticed and sent their well-wishes, thank you! I’m now living in the Boston area and am thrilled at the opportunities being right next to a city bring. Though I’m still struggling, I’m on the mend, and determined to keep fighting for more positivity and improvement in my life.

I am not done costuming, by far. I have big plans for 2014, so don’t forget to check in every now and again! Here’s to a bright, bold, and prosperous new year! Sláinte!

Rogue, costume made and modeled by me, BelleChere.

Pic by ModelMosa, taken in Taipei, Taiwan.

(You may delete the rest, but please do not delete the above credits. Thank you!)

Hey, congrats!

Best wishes to you in your new endeavors and Merry Christmas!!!

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