Star Trek Book Challenge 54: A Flag Full of Stars (Star Trek: The Original Series #54)

Fanboys, Star Trek Book Challenge

So here we are with A Flag Full of Stars (Star Trek: The Original Series #54) by Brad Ferguson…. Before I go anywhere with this post, here is the plot for this novel:

77019A Flag Full Of Stars

It has been eighteen months since the Starship Enterprise completed her historic five-year mission and her legendary crew has seperated, taking new assignments that span the galaxy.

On Earth, Admiral James T. Kirk has married and started a new life as the Chief of Starfleet operations where he is overseeing the refit of his beloved ship, now commanded by a new Captain — Willard Decker. Kirk’s only tie to his former crewmates is his Chief of Staff, a young Lieutenant Commander named Kevin Riley.

But Kirk’s new, quiet life changes when he meets a scientist named G’dath who is on the brink of perhaps the greatest scientific discovery in a century. G’dath’s invention could mean tremendous strides in Federation technology, or — in the wrong hands — the subjugation of countless worlds.

When Klingon agents capture this new technology, Admiral Kirk and Lt. Commander Riley are all that stands between peace and devastation for the entire Federation.

Now being the second novel in the Lost Years of Star Trek and picks up a few months after the first one. What I mean mean by the “Lost Years” is the time between the of the original series and the first Trek movie (Star Trek: The Motion Picture). It was interesting to say the least and does a good job at picking up on the last days of the original Enterprise. But sadly it kinda drops the ball when meld the timelines together, at least in a way that would be meaningful. The idea is good, but the plot and story is lackluster and limps along till the end of the book.

The main focus of the story is Kirk.. Only Kirk.. Scotty comes up for a page or two, same thing with Sulu & Uhura. Spock, Bones, Chekov are not even in the book.. No where to be found. Weren’t even brought up in conversion. I found this to be rather odd.. This isn’t a bad book, it’s just there and rather forgettable. What characters that where in the story was nicely done and to the point with a good knowledge of the history. The plot just need the a lot of work.

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