Star Trek Book Challenge 56: Memory Prime (Star Trek: The Original Series #42)

1147982Memory Prime – It is the central core of an immense computer library — an elite network of research planetoids. Here, the Pathfinders — the only artificial intelligences legally permitted to serve the Federation — control and sift the overwhelming dataflow from thousands of research vessels across the galaxy…

Now the greatest scientists in the Federation have gathered here for the prestigious Nobel and Z-Magnees prize ceremonies — unaware that a deadly assassin is stalking one of them. And as Captain Kirk struggles to save his ship from sabotage and his first officer from accusations of murder, he discovers the hidden assassin is far from the deadliest secret lurking on Memory Prime…

Memory Prime (Star Trek: The Original Series #42) by Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens…. I always have a fear when there are more than one author on a book. Vary rarely does it work out good. But with this novel, it does not work out and falls short. I mean the book was okay, it was just a pain to get through. The “big” pot twist/reveal was okay. But I was let down or should I say disappointed on who the villain was. The history was good and the science was well balanced. The problem seemed that they didn’t talk with each other on the plot and things get mixed up at times. Or the editors came in and chopped things up so bad.. 9177590

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