1130137Uncounted centuries ago, an unknown race from beyond our galaxy built a series of interstellar gates — shortcuts through the cosmos — and then disappeared, leaving no clues to their identity nor to the workings of their system. The “EnterpriseTM herself has used the gates twice before, without gaining any insight into the mystery. But now the secret of the gates must be solved, because they are disintegrating, cutting distant parts of the galaxy off from each other, and the “Enterprise’s only hope lies in communicating with creatures from another universe altogether.

This novel serves as a sequel to “Chain of Attack” and over all it’s not have bad. Action is on a fast pace, the history on the characters is spot on and the science is well balanced. I think the only problem I’m seeing is that it’s trying to be like TNG and not classic Star Trek. By that I mean the heavy dependency on technology and the ending of the book was a little odd. I mean it finished everything, it just felt rushed. But if you find a copy some where, give it a read.